Diesterwegs Neusprachliche Bibliothek - Englische Abteilung / All My Sons

Buch,80 Seiten,21,0 x 14,0 cm,5. bis 10. Klasse

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    During World War II, pilot Larry Keller's plane fell from the sky. He was reported missing possibly dead. Three years later, the lives of Larry's family and friends continue in a small American town. His brother, Chris, wrestles with his feelings for Larry's former fiancée. His mother waits with a desperate hope for her lost son to return. And his father, a former employee in the aircraft industry, harbours a dark secret a secret which could have terrible consequences.

    Arthur Miller's play is a theatrical masterwork, and when the curtain rises, we will find out how people are bound together by family, hope, truth and responsibility and how people can fall apart.

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